Welcome to my Portfolio

About Me:
Hello my Name is Dylan Parsons,
I'm a programmer looking for work,
I am 13, and I have been programming since I was 11-12,
I love to game, program, and work on my projects in my spare time,
All pages on this Website were made by me,
If you need me to work on something contact me here: commanderpandayt@gmail.com,
I can work in: C#, JS, and HTML/CSS.
I'm hoping to learn PHP and Python,
I can make Websites, Discord Bots.
I'm a intermediate at programming in general,
I'm free from 4pm to 9pm PST on weeks and 9am to 10pm PST on weekends,
Reasons to hire me: I want to learn more and help fund future projects,
I can work on more advanced things but that will take me some time than usual,
Just email me or DM me (on Discord) what you need and I will tell you how much it costs and what time it will be done.

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